BACK   20 x 22 GARAGE
BUILDING ONLY   9,875.00   Building is constructed of 2x4 walls 8ft tall 16" centers. With pressure treated bottom
          plate and anchored into the concrete slab, engineered trusses, and 7/16" OSB sheathing.
LAMINATE 30 YEAR   1,925.00 High quality 30 year laminate shingles which include installation, tar paper,  
      and roof vents!  
STEEL MAN DOOR                      
32 INCH   650.00 Take your pick on door size! These are 6 panel insulated steel doors. Prices include
34 INCH   650.00 header and framing materials as well as installation and locking door knob! Doors are
36 INCH   650.00 "in-swing" and can be left or right hand hinged!  
36X24   375.00 Take your pick on window size! These are quality screened PVC slider windows. Prices
36X36   425.00 include header and framing materials as well as installation! Anything better is overkill,
48X24   400.00 anything less is too cheesy!  
48X36   475.00  
GARAGE DOOR                        
9x7   2,100.00 Garage doors are insulated and include installation, header and framing! Doors can be
12x7   3,125.00 installed for manual operation or can be electric door opener ready!  
16x7   CALL  
SIDING PKGS.                        
WHITE   3,950.00 Your choice of quality vinyl siding! Basic white or we can color match to your house!
COLORED   4,400.00 Of course these prices include installation and housewrap as well.  
FASCIA & SOFFIT                      
PRE BENT   1,500.00 Basic white or brown or color match your house your choice! Prices include drip edge
CUSTOM BENT   2,125.00   and installation!              
    1,150.00 One piece eavestrough color matched to your fasscia. Prices include two  
      downspouts! Prices are based on the listed garage size and certain circumstanes  
          can affect pricing. Price includes instalation!        
CONCRETE SLAB                      
    7920.00 Concrete slab is an "ESTIMATE ONLY" subject to site inspection!  
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