SHED KIT     Kit includes pre-made trusses, all sheathing is pre cut, door is pre-built, almost        
    $4,450.00 everything is cut and ready to assemble! Hardware is also included!  
SHED BUILT     We come to your house, (free delivery within city limits), and in most cases have your        
    $4,825.00 shed erected in 90 MINS. Quick and easy thatís our policy! THE KIT IS INCLUDED IN THIS PRICE!  
BASE PACKAGE   The base package consists of pressure treated 4X4's. All our sheds have floors   What does it look like?
    $190.00 but to get the most life out of your building it should be built on a base! ††† CLICK HERE
ALL PLYWOOD PKG.   Basic sheds are built with 7/16 OSB sheathing, if you prefer plywood, we will build   What does it look like?
    $620.00 your shed completely out of plywood! Hence "All Plywood Package"! ††† CLICK HERE
SMART PANELING Budget oriented option for a finished shed! This is 3/8" OSB pre-primered wood grain wall What does it look like?
      sheathing that is ready to paint. This is a perfect option if just plain 7/16 OSB doesn't appeal to you ††† CLICK HERE
PLAIN   $630.00 or vinyl siding is not in your budget. Please note that we "highly" recommend the  
GROOVED $840.00 WOOD TRIM CORNER POST pkg. When choosing this option.  
DOUBLE DOOR PKG.   Standard, is a single door four feet wide. If you prefer a double door or you need   What does it look like?
    $135.00 a wider opening ie: lawn tractors, you'll want this! ††† CLICK HERE
GABLE OVERHANG PKG.   HOT!ITEM! Basic shed roofs do not extend over the front or back. If you want   What does it look like?
    $190.00 a "GOOD" looking shed you'll want this! Most people include this in their orders! ††† CLICK HERE
SIDING PKGS.                          
WHITE   $1,330.00 Your choice of white, or color match your house! This is quality vinyl siding that What does it look like?
COLORED $1,600.00 is professionally installed! ††† CLICK HERE
FASCIA & SOFFIT   Make your shed look like your house by ordering aluminum fascia and soffit!   What does it look like?
    $730.00 If ordering this upgrade you will probably want the "Gable Overhang Pkg."as well! ††† CLICK HERE
PLEXI WINDOW   These windows are specifically designed for sheds! They are encased in white PVC trim. What does it look like?
35 X 17   The fixed window includes a removable6-lite PVC mullion, and the slider window includes ††† CLICK HERE
FIXED   $135.00 a screen!  
SLIDER $155.00  
WOOD TRIM CORNER   Not getting siding?? You might want to consider this package! Give your un-sided   What does it look like?
POSTS $90.00 shed a better look by adding wood trim on the corners! ††† CLICK HERE
3/4" PT. PLYWOOD RAMP   Need a ramp for easier access? Well here you go!         What does it look like?
4 FOOT WIDE $110.00 Ramps are 4 or 5 feet wide, depending on your door size, and extend ††† CLICK HERE
5 FOOT WIDE $170.00 out 3 feet. Perfect for lawnmowers, wheel barrels etc.  
TALLER WALL PKG.   HOT! ITEM!Add 14" to your wall height! For GABLE or HIP ROOF sheds!        
    $190.00 Perfect for putting windows or doors on the side instead of ends,,great for  
    extra shelving,,,*NOTE: for those ordering vinyl siding there is a small increase!  
      Although evestrough is commonly underestimated for use on sheds it should be seriously considered! For example if your shed
    $450.00 is close to your house you should divert any water away! If your door is located on the eve side it will prevent water pouring on
      you as you enter! Most importantly it will minimize erosion around your foundation as well as prevent rot on bottom part of walls.
      Our evestrough is one piece and professionally installed to give a nice look and enhancement to your shed!  
††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Note: Shed sizes are calculated width by length and the door is located on the width
††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† side, example 8 x 10 is 8ft. and wide 10ft. long and the door is on the 8ft. Side!
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